#2 son tells me that a lot of kids at his school knit in class, on their pencils. Doesn’t the yarn get dirty?

The reason I am musing on things like this is that I got up at 4:30 am again. My husband has had to be at work at 5:00 lately, and every morning  I get up and fix his breakfast and help him find stuff ( some people think the most irritating male characteristic is the refusal to ask for directions, but in truth it is the equal and opposite insistence on asking where their own belongings are. The honest answer, boys, to the question “Where are my socks?” is “Wherever the heck you put them! They are your socks!” However, I am a good wife and I just go look in the drawer for him. #1 daughter also does this, but #2 daughter, who is single, claims she will not marry anyone who expects her to get up in the middle of the night and find his socks). Then I am faced with the question: do I attempt to go back to sleep, knowing that I will finally be able to fall asleep just 40 minutes before I have to get up and make breakfast for the kids, thus ensuring that I will feel groggy and disoriented all morning, or do I stay up, thus ensuring that I will feel tired all day?

Mostly I stay up. This has allowed me to roast a turkey before leaving for work, input bunches of genealogical data sent to me by the nice lady in Alabama, and — well, that’s it, because I can’t really concentrate well enough at 4:30 am to do anything very complex. It has also gotten me in trouble with my choir director, because on Wednesday night, having been up for so long and unpacked that truck and come home to find dinner with #1 daughter and the rest of the family, I skipped choir practice. #2 daughter has rehearsals that begin at 9:00 pm, and she attends even after a day filled with personal drama. However, she is getting graded. Anyway, the director called me yesterday, identifying himself as “the truant police,” and blackmailed me into singing a solo on Sunday morning at 8:30 am. Possibly a little Cesar Franck. I asked The Empress if she wanted to do “Panis Angelicus” as a duet, but she refused to make eye contact.

So, this morning, having been sleep-deprived for the whole week, I am able to do nothing more than knit the second dull sock and idly read blogs. If you are in a similar state, allow me to offer you a few worth reading. Someone recently claimed that the typical blog begins “Today I went to the mall…” but actually the typical blog begins “I hate my &^%$#@ life! Today I went to the &^%$# mall…” But the ones on the subscription bar to the left are all entertaining and thought-provoking, and so are these non-xangas:

This is my favorite knitting blog, although I have a lot of favorites. It combines that cheering personal goofiness with really skillful knitting.  http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/

This is a truly funny political blog: http://fafblog.blogspot.com . It is possible that people of different political persuasions may not find it funny. And you do have to be up on the news. For example, if I hadn’t read a review of a book that claimed that Abraham Lincoln was gay, and LikeWowMom’s report that the sexual preference of SpongeBob Squarepants (sp?) was recently in question, I would have been baffled by one of the paragraphs. Allow me to say that I find SpongeBob repulsive, and do not believe that he has a sexual identity. I will also report that the Wall Street Journal review of the Lincoln book caused me to look up a word in my unabridged dictionary, and I still do not understand the nature of the sexual act it suggested. So Fafblog seems to be expecting a higher level of hipness than I possess. However, I am very low on the overall hipness scale, so you probably won’t have any trouble.

And this is an extremely weird blog: http://www.x-entertainment.com/updates/ I read it fairly regularly with a sort of dreadful fascination. I think it is about… shopping. The writer of it goes and buys very odd things and reviews them. Since I would never even go to the sort of places that sell Pokemon pasta or bug ice cubes, I find the whole thing very exotic. It is well-written (of course, or I wouldn’t suggest it to you), but as though it were a 14 year old boy writing it. A 14 year old who apparently has a job, and the wherewithal to purchase Pokemon pasta.

This one is also funny: http://chasemeladies.blogspot.com/ No knitting content, however.

Well, it is now time to cook another breakfast. If you find yourself buying toys or, say, math books today from someone who appears to be turning into a complete zombie from lack of sleep, it could be me.