So, yeah, I’ve had an eventful week.

Actually, Monday began with a good class. I had the students do some group work at the computers, followed by drawing graphic organizers showing their conclusions on the white boards. There was a moment, with all these nice young people in their ethnically and linguistically varied array working in groups with a nice variety of tools, when I felt that I was conducting a perfectly 21st century class. Collaboration, critical thinking, global awareness, technological savvy — very uplifting.

Almost immediately came a funeral. This was for a friend of mine, just a few years older than me. He sat right behind me in choir, making jokes. It’s very hard to sing at a fellow chorister’s funeral, with his empty space there, and we were running through Kleenex briskly, but it was a nice service.

I got home in time for the ice storm.

The first day we had electricity for a while, sort of cutting in and out as I tried feverishly to get some work done. Then the power went off entirely and we sat huddled by the fire, reading with flashlights and having peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

We have good camping skills, and enjoyed some nice candlelight games of Scrabble and guitar playing. My husband decided that we would die from the cold and I fretted over missing work (he and I both missed several days’ worth, leaving our income for the month very low between the holidays and the storm, but I’ll end the suspense by letting you know that this is the worst consequence of the storm for us), but mostly we tried to stay warm. A couple of times I attempted to do something useful, and I did in fact do filing and hem pants for my son and read a stack of web design magazines, but mostly I was bundled up in down jacket and gloves and hats and blankets, reading.

My daughter posted at Twitter for me, in hopes that my clients whose work I wasn’t doing would see it. My mother gave me, some years ago, a magical radio/flashlight that gets power from a crank-driven dynamo. The menfolks went out on the second day and found (on the third try) an open grocery store, where they bought chips and Pop Tarts and canned tuna, so that’s what we ate.

No class this morning, so I’m going to have a proper cooked breakfast and then get back to work.