Tenements vs. Pioneer Cabins

I’ve moved on, for the arts center, from a series of lessons on tenement dwellers to a series on pioneers. The interesting thing, to me, is that the lessons on tenement dwellers had a sort of non-judgmental “here’s how it was” feel to them, while the pioneers are depicted as living in horrific conditions. I kind of feel the opposite. I guess we have an urban/rural split going on.

I’m meeting today with a local company about their web site. Last night I had a communication from a local person needing a web site, and of course I happily agreed to fix her up — and then a few minutes later she emailed back saying that is looked like I just did the writing, so would I give her the name of a designer.

The concatenation of circumstances has clarified for me that I need to settle this question. I’ve done eleven websites in the past year and a half, as the principle or the contractor or whatever it is. But I also work for design firms, and for people who have their own design teams or IT departments or what have you. If I actually do websites, I should say so at my website, and quit having it be something I do at the back door to oblige. If I don’t actually do websites, I should probably quit offering what is essentially a competitive service from my clients’ point of view.

Perhaps today’s meeting will clarify it for me.