Last night I played bunko (AKA bunco) with the Oakland Zion Ladies’ Missionary Position Society, a very ribald group of ladies who made lots of funny jokes I can’t repeat in mixed company.

I had never played bunko before. I went with CD, who was also completely new to the game. It’s very popular among suburban women of a certain age, and I’d heard about bunko parties for years, but this is the first time anyone has invited me.

My mother doesn’t get invited to bunko parties, either, I bet.

Anyway, I won. Not the big prize, I am relieved to say, but the second prize.

People who know me IRL will not be surprised. I always win.

Now I know that this is mathematically impossible. When people were saying, “Ooooh, you’re good at this!” I always responded with, “It’s complete random chance.”

Note to self: people playing games of chance with prizes don’t want to hear that it’s random.

The thing that’s strange to me is that I continue, even with the knowledge that it’s random chance, to believe that I always win. I’ve had to leave PTA meetings because my family and I were winning all the prizes and it got embarrassing. Last fall I won several random drawings at an event, and the hostess said, “Who’d have thought?” at which point my table chorused “We would!” This is because I am very lucky and always win.

So I knew ahead of time that I would win, and of course I did.

All I can figure is that, had I not won, I would have thought, “How strange!” and promptly forgotten about it. Equally, there must be people who have that same reaction when they win, and continue to feel that they don’t win anything.

How does this persist in the face of actual knowledge of the math involved? I don’t know.

I’m just very lucky, that’s all.

This morning Janalisa’s coming over for a walk, and then I have more hours for my client from Guilford (like Ford Prefect and also, I now know, Alice in Wonderland), and I have to finish up my classes, since they start on Monday. In spite of my goal for increased billable hours, it’s a good thing that I didn’t get all the expected projects in from my apparently still partying clients, or I would not possibly have finished.