Here’s the current WIP state of my last homework assignment before the final project. I finish up the class next week, and I think I’ve learned quite a bit. 

I spent most of yesterday on the phone. That wasn’t what I had planned on doing, but it was worthwhile. I was mostly talking with my regular clients — the people who have me on retainer.

One was my software developer. At one point in our conversation, he brought in some other guy. They had a conversation which sounded to me roughly like this:

“Can you put the squidling into the freemerbox?”
“You’ve got the mistroblip in the 657g_l, and I’d like to see the haverfulger in the 3567xE.”
“Oh, yeah, dude it would be less trouble to change the limonsquash ina llt he vexinks.”
“Okay, that’ll work. Bai.”

We then continued with our discussion. After a bit, we had the following exchange:

“So you’ll go in and do the tags?”
“Yes, but I thought you wanted me to put them in an Excel file.”
“We just changed it.”

I was all impressed that he had gotten his minions to do that while we were still on the phone, perhaps by IMing somebody. You know how long it usually takes to get computer guys to do anything.

Hours later, it struck me that putting the squidling into the freemerbox was what had been done. I must sound like an idiot sometimes to this guy. And, since we’re talking about html here — or some souped-up relative of it —  I must not have learned as much as I think I have.

Another of my conversations included a spell where the woman I deal with was saying that “the guys” thought she should go with one of those companies that promises to put you on the first page at Google. 

“Let’s see where you are,” I suggested.

There she was, all over the first page at Google.

Very satisfying.