My second meeting with the regional director went well, and I got to meet all the staff at the closest site. They want me to go up to the next county to meet the staff there on Monday. I knew most of the staff there already, at least slightly, and they honestly seemed happy.

Yes, I have what amounts to a third interview, and I have worn both my suits. We’ll see what happens.

I received my contract from the encyclopedia, got my hours in for my big client, checked in with several of my small clients, started the current assignment from my mdidle-sized client, and got some stuff done for the book audition.

Today I’ll be out of the house quite a lot for nonwork stuff, so I hope to get an early start on the hours for my big client. I only have another week or two to work for them, unless my contract is renewed, so I am trying to power out and get lots done. Fortunately, I am not allowed to do any extra hours for them, so I’m not dealing with that temptation.

Yesterday was also the day for the Amazon Viners to hover vulture-like over the refresh button at precisely 2:00 my time. I don’t always do the hovering, but last month I missed — by seconds — the silver bamboo drawing pad, so this month I did.

There was a delay of just about half an hour.

During that time, the Vine forum had about 112 messages. At first it was “Where’s the list?” and then it was, “Can I go do something else for a while? I’m supposed to be having blood drawn but I don’t want to miss it,” and then there were speculations on what the month’s goodies would be. After a bit the comments veered towards, “We’re all going to get fired while trying to get free cashews.”

And indeed I did have to add half an hour to my work day, because once you’ve sat at your refresh button for fifteen minutes you just can’t possibly leave before the end.

I snaffled a set of the Rosetta Stone in French. I’ve looked at samples of the Rosetta Stone back when I was a bookseller, and we decided not to carry it.

However, I have been speaking French not very well for my entire life. I can read it pretty well, and watch movies, and I sound like a native, if you don’t listen to how bad my grammar is, but my productive skill is very low.

So, since I have acres of free time, I figure I can quickly learn to speak French properly, or at least see whether the claims for the Rosetta Stone are accurate or not.

#2 daughter is coming down this evening. Caloo callay. Actually, I don’t remember how to spell that.