Yarn Ho! My yarn arrived from Elann. If Fuzzy Mabel is the place to go for luxury yarns (and they have their free shipping through August, so I would say it is),then Elann is the place to go for bargains. Instead of paying $12.50 a skein for the Rowan Denim at my local LYS, I paid $3.25 a skein for Den-M-Nit at Elann. (Thanks to Silkenshine for alerting me to it!) It will be hard to show my face at the shop, of course, but with a difference that enormous, I don’t feel that I had a choice. Elann also included suggestions for calculating the difference in sizing when using denim yarns, bless their hearts.

I am making Brooklyn from Rowan’s Denim People. You will I am sure have noticed that there is a tendency around the knitting blogs to make the same stuff. Everyone makes Clapotis, or Birch, or Sophie (hey, me too) or Rogue. The unfortunate side effect is that no one seems to have made Brooklyn. So I can’t seem to find any hints or tips. I was hoping to be able to benefit from someone’s experience with subbing yarns, but I guess I have to be a trailblazer. This picture is from the book. Brooklyn is the guy sweater. The girl sweater is Picot, which #2 daughter is making for herself from Plymouth Stone Cotton. She and her brother will be able to replicate this picture when we are both finished.

So here are the current knitting projects chez Fibermom. Picot is at the top. Once the picot edging is completed (and it is not that hard), this is an easy project. Brooklyn comes next. It is 1×1 ribbing at the moment, and then will be plain stockinette, so it qualifies as my Zombie Knitting piece. The Lotus shawl, in Cherry Tree Hill’s Possum Laceweight, is at the bottom. That is my Epic Knitting piece. Needle sizes are 1, 2, and 3, from bottom to top. The #2 needles are antiques, with a steel cable. That detail is for the knitting history buffs among you.

The Den-M-Nit is a good crisp yarn, smooth and pleasant to work with. The Possum continues to feel like a good quality wool, though of course tiny lace knits up so slowly that it will be a while before I have an actual fabric to fondle.