#2 son is home. He brought a medieval siege engine with him. I once brought a dog home from college, and my parents coped pretty well, but I never brought home a trebuchet. The one at the front of this picture now resides on our patio.

#2 son and his group built it in their Trebuchet Physics class.

Here is a very medieval one snitched from a website about the movie “Timeline.” It may be more authentic, but #2 son’s group got points on style, since they added a cooler and an ammunition tray to their trebuchet. They also had a complex counterweight thing going with a bucket of sand. And a pineapple on a stick which they used when shouting “Let it fly!” and taunting the other groups during the Battle Royale.

#2 son points out that they will now dominate in snowball fights.

It’s great to have him home.