I didn’t write at all yesterday, but that’s not because nothing happened on Wednesday. We went to the aquarium, I got a gig (subject to their getting the deal) from an ad agency in a bigger town in my own state, and I survived a lot of time on the freeway.

I have a lot of pictures from Wednesday which I’ll share with you when I get home.

Yesterday I got a new set of assignments from The Computer Guy and we went into the Armenian neighborhood for provisions before rehearsal.

The Armenian market was full of packages we couldn’t read. When you can’t read things, you can respond to them just as art. Of course, you also can’t tell what’s in the package. I had a student once who bought a can of Crisco thinking that the picture of a pie on the can meant that there was a pie inside it, and I always bear this in mind in these cases.

However, I did buy tea. Czar Nikolas II tea, in fact. There were brands of tea commemorating the entire doomed Romanoff family. I also bought some cinnamon tea. I haven’t tried either of these yet, but I’ll let you know how they are.

There were bins of olives and of seeds, mysterious produce, and even more mysterious meats. Giant flatbreads called lavash and cakes prompting lots of lively discussion in what I suppose must have been Armenian. Then there’d be a box of Frosted Flakes just for balance. My hostess bought Moscow ham and we combined that with salad and her marinated chicken wings for dinner with the other musicians.

The music is coming together well.

I’m only working eight hours on most days, though yesterday I did ten. If here are no horrible consequences from doing this for a couple of weeks, I’ll keep it up. I remember how I practically took two weeks off at Christmas and earned very little in January, and #2 son’s tuition payments loom. Here, tuition is very low at state schools. I think #1 son would like it here, too. I’ve suggested to my hostess that I send him here to go to school. He could help out around the house and garden and generally make himself useful, honing his skills as a musician the while.