Yesterday’s interview was much like the others. The new people I met had multi-page reports on me with full-color covers, but one remarked that she hadn’t seen my resume, so that was a little mysterious. No one offered to let me see the reports. Nor did we get down to brass tacks financially, but they are asking me to meet with the owner of the business on Tuesday. I keep going ahead to one more interview just to finish the process, but the process doesn’t seem to be getting finished.

The drive was long, but I went on surface roads so it wasn’t frightening. I listened to the Rosetta Stone tapes, and repeated conversations about how I was from France but my family lived in Italy and I had taught history in Egypt.

As I was driving there, I had a call from the erstwhile competition reminding me that he had a job for me if I wanted it.

On the way back I stopped off at the Computer Guy’s place and chatted with the intern about my forthcoming web site. I’ve only spoken to her a few times, but I already know way more about her personal life than I do about the Computer Guy’s. I was looking at the cool images of stacks of paper that she had come up with, and swapping color numbers, but she also told me about her fiancee’s trumpet playing. She seems very nice. I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with in the way of design. I got moved up on the queue, and I appreciate that.

The Computer Guy was on the phone with Microsoft Tech Help. He put the phone in his pocket for a bit while he asked me to send some files to the intern in Word 2003 instead of 2007, and I made sure he had all he needed for next week’s newsletter. I was sort of impressed by that. When I talk with tech help people, I hang on their words, in case the next sentence might turn out to be helpful. I would never dare to put the phone in my pocket and just let them talk to my shirt for a bit.

Of course, when I talk with tech people, they usually tell me to turn everything off and turn it back on again. However, I already know that trick, so it generally doesn’t help.

A jolly afternoon of linkbuilding and an evening of sitting around reading completed my day. I kept thinking about getting up and getting my knitting or finishing the nightgown-like top or at least pulling weeds in the garden, but in fact I didn’t do any of those things.

This morning I’m meeting with a prospective client, to show her my report on her website. I’m debating whether to continue offering my Dark Art Lite special, which is a major bargain but also has led to additional hourly work, or whether I should think of that as a Special New Opening Sale kind of offer and give it up.

Then I have more linkbuilding to do. #2 son comes home tomorrow. I think I’ll bake a cake.