Busy again this morning… It seems as though I get up busy even though it isn’t yet 6:00 am, and then I stay busy all day.

This can’t possibly be true, since I am still reading and knitting and lolling around some, but it feels that way.

Yesterday I did the morning computer work, and then went and did a workshop. I got compliments all day on this workshop, which was fun. Most of the time, we don’t get much recognition for our work, beyond a paycheck, which is plenty, it seems to me. But I went right from the workshop to the store, and people from the workshop kept coming in to shop and saying how much they had enjoyed it. One person from a workshop last month came in and said “We are still talking about how great that workshop was.” It was like the few minutes at the end of a performance when people say how much they enjoyed your solo, but it went on for a long time.

We were very busy, though. I tried to keep the shop looking good, but by the time I made it around the store once, the first part that I had done needed work again. Like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. The customers are mostly still cheerful, though, so it is fun.

After work, I got home to find that Netflix has a new thing called “Instant Viewing.” You tell them what you want to watch and they just play it for you right then. At no extra cost. I was way too impressed by this. In fact, I told Partygirl about it during our walk. She doesn’t have Netflix and is if anything less techno-savvy than I (hard as that may be to imagine) so it took a while to convey the idea, but I was just that impressed, that’s all.

We didn’t walk as far as usual last night, being as we were both exhausted, but we have gotten into the habit of talking for an hour or so, so we repaired to her rose garden. We sat on the porch swing by her wall of ivy, surrounded by roses and fireflies, with mason jars of iced tea, and solved the problems of the world.

I then headed home for some time with my family.

That doesn’t sound so busy, does it?