I woke up this morning to a wonderful thunder storm which I could enjoy more if I’d gotten more sleep last night. My husband’s off today, so I could have slept longer if I hadn’t been awake, but the crack of thunder that woke me was followed almost immediately by thoughts like “OMG I have so much work to do!” and I got up.

Shortly after midnight last night one of my fellow students  came up with a solution for my margin problem. See, you’re not supposed to count the margin on the inside bit from its edge, but from the edge of the page. So I needed to say “margin-left: 235px” which is to say 235 pixels of margin, not 20. Weird.

I’m very happy now, though. With the margin issue settled, I can now focus on a whole bunch of little fussy details, like a real web designer.

Have you noticed how completely rose-beige my website is? I may not be able to find a fabric this shade, but in web design you can have any color you want. Although it clashes horribly with my xanga page.

Before the margin solution, I went to the rehearsal of the choirlet. The lady at whose house we hold these rehearsals had bought this enormous travel trailer. It sleeps eight, has TVs both indoors and out, and you can push this button and the sides fold in and out. Like something on Star Trek.

It was amazing.  

We sang a bit, and talked and ate fruit. It was fun.

There were a couple of weeks there when I had no rehearsals, and at the time I felt as though that was good, and sort of a break, but actually the weeks with no rehearsals were just more time to work.

Which is mostly what I did yesterday, that and doing the homework for the class.

I took on another regular client, making ten in all, which is too many. Maybe not. It’s two a day on weekdays, which isn’t bad. I have classes to teach and the various new projects that come in, but actually two a day could be perfect.

It’s the Fourth of July weekend. I plan to take some time off. Hike, sew, read, something like that.