Jobs continue to flow in, we have now officially earned enough with FreshPlans to pay the hosting, and we have worked out a good system for our workflow.

So, having accomplished all that, we went out to the art museum last night.

I say “the art museum” as if there were only one. Really, there are lots here, but this is my favorite. Not only does it have many wonderful things in it, but it’s free.

We try to be sure to donate and to shop at their shop, but the fact that they do all this just for the love of art and their city makes me love them.

Strolling around looking at beautiful paintings and sculptures and stuff made me feel relaxed and happy. I don’t think that merely looking at paintings online would have the same effect. I suppose part of it is the walking around, if nothing else.

They were very nice to us and let us take lots of pictures for the educational blog. We filmed a video in the sculpture garden, and #2 daughter (who has remarkable powers of persuasion) got them to agree that we could film inside sometime, too.

We strolled out for lunch and photo taking earlier in the day (pictures when I get home), but it was so hot that by the time we got back to #2 daughter’s loft we were dripping with sweat. Today, therefore, we are strolling out for breakfast and taking potluck for lunch.

Off to the local cafe!