Many of my tourist pictures have people in them, so of course I can’t show them to you. Still, we did a lot of tourist stuff.

One of my favorite things was the Aquarium of the Pacific.

At the aquarium you can see and even touch all manner of aquatic creatures.

You don’t want to touch jellyfish. They were very pretty, though, and mesmerizing in their movements.

This particular aquarium is famous for its sea dragons. It is I think the only place that has managed to breed the weedy sea dragon in captivity. They had excellent interpretation.

From the aquarium you take this roller coaster like bridge to The Pike, which used to be an amusement park and is now a mall.

There is a comment there on modern life, probably.

We went to the bookstore.

We saw Public Enemies, which was quite a good movie.

We visited Little Tokyo. There is an exhibition there about the internment camps. My hostess’s mother and father got married in one of the camps in the state where I live, which furnished an odd point of connection.

We went shopping in Little Tokyo. We also went to a couple of bookstores and groceries, but I don’t think those count as shopping. It was in Little Tokyo that we actually went into stores and marvelled at all the pretty things and bought stuff.

We went to Seal Beach, a very nice little town where you can get a one bedroom cottage for a million dollars. The sign here says “Seal Beach Mall.” It adorned the Greek restaurant where we had lunch.

It was very wonderful to see and touch the ocean. I really miss the ocean.

We went to Hollywood, to Amoeba records. I think my sons would like this record store. #1 son should probably just go work there.