glorious fourth

I like Uncle Sam dancing around amid the fireworks in this picture.

I got all my hours in for the week for my hourly people, and got InDesign happily set up, and so I can take the long weekend with a clear conscience.

We have a big bag of charcoal and an assortment of things to grill, but it is raining steadily. Fiona, our scaredy-cat dog, is distressed by the thunder, but I like it and the garden likes it.

When we went to Parents’ Day at Governor’s School, we had the chance to hear some presentations from the teachers. I was impessed by most of them. They come from all over the state to teach at the summer program, and give up six weeks of their lives to do it, so it makes sense that they would be dedicated and good at what they do. We heard the teachers for sociology, political science, economics, and psychology.

One of the things they were talking about was the Myers-Briggs inventory. This is a system, based on the personality theories of Carl Jung, which divides people into types according to whether they are more extravert or introvert, sensing or intuiting, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. For each of those pairs, you get a letter, so that you can end up being an ENTJ like me, or an ISFP, or any other of the sixteen possible combinations.

As it happened, we had been discussing statistics on the drive down. Both #1 daughter and #1 son agree with Jung in their disdain for statistics. They, like him, find anecdotal evidence and their own impressions based on their personal reactions, more convincing. I say, look at the raw data before you decide, but I like to see some evidence.

The Myers-Briggs inventory is based entirely on anecdotal evidence and the developers’ internal peceptions. There is no controlled research supporting it. It was designed to help people figure out what jobs they might be good at, and it probably works better than astrology.

You just have to accept it as fun.

So I turn up as an ENTJ (“The Chief”) on these tests quite consistently, even though I would say that I gain energy as much from being alone as from being with people. But my kids were absolutely scornful of the idea that I was a Judger rather than a Perceiver. They said I was an INTP (“The Thinker”) and I suppose they are as likely to be right about it as I am.

I made the ice cream sandwich dessert proposed by the ladies of the Elks Club yesterday and put it in the freezer, and I will soon be making my mother’s cabbage salad. There will be fruit and baked beans. I might make something with Jell-O, because it is a holiday and therefore there ought to be some Jell-O around to set the color scheme of the table. The kids bought chips, since I don’t do that. What we are eating today has nothing to do with the Sonoma Diet or indeed with any ideas of proper nutrition.

On the other hand, we will continue to be ecologically responsible.

Apart from my responsibility to feed people, I intend to take the day off and do nothing much.