At last night’s rehearsal, we had another soprano and a fiddler whom CD picked up at the farmers market. Yes, we have a really excellent farmers market. I plan to go tomorrow, see whether mandolinists are in season yet.


We really did get a fiddler that way, though, and the rehearsal went pretty well. I barged in asking, “Does anyone have a bruise today?” and passed out samples. No one asked about the ingredients or anything. I just said, “It’s a natural remedy” and passed out the pills. Suwanda remarked later, as we were munching on raspberry scones, that it had been way too easy. “You could have been a drug dealer.”

I’m going to check in with the ladies on Sunday and see how their bruises are. Suwanda and I are singing “Beautiful One” on Sunday. It’s quite a nice song, though #2 son says, “Why is that contemporary Christian music all sounds the same?” It has a good tune, I think, and we have a pretty arrangement.

It’s Friday and therefore I have a backlog of stuff from the week.

However, I do have some good news on the Lead a Normal Life front. I get this magazine called Lucky. I never subscribed to it or anything, it just comes in the mailbox. I get a lot of stuff that way. This particular magazine contains a witty monthly column by the beauty editor (this month she wrote about eye makeup remover), a bunch of stickers saying “yes” “no” and “maybe” that I think I should be able to come up with a creative use for, and is otherwise filled with pictures of products. Occasionally they try to organize the pictures into something approaching a story,a nd this month had one of those occasions.

They showed a working woman and her outfits for the week. On Monday, for example, she had a client meeting, so she wore cropped cigarette pants, a piratical blouse, a corset belt, and boots, which is I suppose what all of us wear to client meetings. For a market research tour, she pulled out a tulip skirt to go with the same piratical blouse, and added an enormous tote (in case she had a sudden desire to shoplift, perhaps) and chunky beads or something — I forget the details, but you see the concept.

This story caused me to notice that I have gotten through three weeks of teaching every single weekday without wearing the same outfit twice. Clearly, #2 daughter’s shopping prowess made all the difference.

I’ve only made it to the gym once, though. Here’s how it happened. My computer beeped at me that it was 14 minutes before time to be at the gym and I realized that, on that particular day, I had no deadlines. I therefore leapt up from the desk and — well, as it happens, realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. So I grabbed a granola bar from the enormous stock in the pantry and scarfed it down while getting into my gym clothes. Ten minutes later I was out the door, and I got to the gym only about ten mintues later than I should have. I read Lucky on the treadmill, and got home about an hour after the initial reminder from my computer, having done 30 minutes of exercise, showered and dressed and grabbed my stuff, and headed off to class. Very inefficient, isn’t it? it was better when I stopped off on the way home from class.

We’re planning to get #1 son a bike for his transportation to school in the fall. His car is older than he is, and not really safe to drive any more. #2 son is biking to work this summer, so we know it can be done. Since he bikes to work and work is coaching gymnastics, and then he bikes home, and spends half an hour or so lifting weights so he’ll be strong enough to continue this work regime, he is growing ever more buff. He has little ripples and bulges of muscle all over the place.

We could achieve this too, if we did three hours of exercise a day.

I have a lot of homework to do this weekend, but no work deadlines that I won’t meet today. I have stuff scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night, and a hair appointment tomorrow, but I think I can have a hike in there somewhere, and perhaps sewing. A weekend.