The lettuce is bolting. I chipped a tooth, and the dentist has a space for me in July. #2 son didn’t pass his driving test, though we spent three hours in the attempt. #1 son has been fired by the sandwich shop. I’ve had some link rejections. My website set-ups are all waiting for their people to get back to me.

Client #2 has mentioned this before. He calls it “waiting for content.” Sometimes, he says, you have to go wrestle it out of them. When he made these complaints, I used to think — basing it on my own experience — that he should just make stuff up and send an invoice. People, I figured, would leap to correct anything that wasn’t okay. However, I find that I don’t know enough about construction or about rehabilitative therapy to make up stuff on the subject in anything like a reasonable amount of time. And you really don’t want to make up domain names, or Photoshop fake pictures of the business. (Actually, Chanthaboune’s snazzy website has some made-up stuff on it, since she didn’t provide any products for the catalog pages, and it’s pretty funny). So I won’t think that any more.

Then there is the driving this weekend.

Oh, yes, I was going to quit whining, wasn’t I?

Today I have five hours of link-building, and then I am meeting my accountant for lunch. She has been sending me suggestions about the things I should keep track of for my taxes, and she has done invoices for me. People haven’t paid the invoices I sent out at the first of the month, and Client #6 pays on the 16th, so I probably will have to email or fax his or he won’t pay me either. I also need to collect for and turn in my latest cooking show. Oh, and get a work agreement to Client #7, so I can invoice them.

I think that will be the work day for today.

I have about thirty hours of work a week, so if I intend to work fulltime, that leaves me ten hours in which to improve my web design knowledge, learn about the aspects of business which I have always left to the people in the back room (that’s my problem! I don’t have any people in the back room!), and run the business. It sounds possible.

Tomorrow I am going to have to clean my house. The number of people who have been coming here is startling. There were Navy recruiters here the other day. I’ve had clients in looking at their websites, and doubtless biting their tongues not to say, “Gee, you Computer Guys like to live in squalor, don’t you?”

Actually, and this is going to be the end of these random spikes of thought, one of the group that is Client #7 said to me the other day, “I think I’m getting kind of a geekiness vibe,” and went on to guess that in college I had always had my nose in my projects and not really participated in the social life. She is a therapist, and I guess it is just natural if you are a therapist to want to come up with insights into the lives of the people you meet.  Since I spent my college years dating the entire Anthropology and Philosophy departments and dancing, I couldn’t really agree with her completely. I tried a noncommittal air. But it is good that I managed to make at least one person imagine a geekiness vibe, isn’t it? I had better find out just what “geekiness” means, maybe. Apart from biting heads off of live chickens in carnivals, an archaic usage.

The end.