Unfortunately, I spent ten and a half hours at the conference yesterday with no lunch.

A note, here, on the lunch question. We vendors and exhibiters were in the room where lunch was being served. Under these circumstances, it is normal to feed the vendors. Sometimes there is a charge for a lunch ticket, sometimes not, but I have never before been in a situation where they simply ignored us. Then, since I was by myself with a lot of product and a cash box, and the only nearby options were restaurants, I didn’t have the option of leaving to get lunch. If we hadn’t assumed there would be lunch provided I would of course have taken something with me.

Fortunately, the speakers as well as the lunch were in the room, and I had the opportunity to hear some good presentations. I may write more about that when I have more time, but I will just quickly say that the speakers burgundy sockmostly talked about big changes that need to take place in education, and then just as I — and I suppose everyone else in the room — was thinking “Well, yes, we know all this, but No Child Left Behind has tied our hands,” said things about the need to take risks and have solidarity. One speaker showed that appropriate instruction raises test scores, not an astonishing conclusion, but oddly enough not a persuasive argument in many districts.

Unfortunately, the fact that there were speakers almost throughout the day meant that all interaction with our customers had to take place in whispers. I had customers coming up and hugging me and telling me all about their health and their children and asking about mine, all in whispers. Do you think it is possible after that to do much effective handselling? Nope. The customers are through whispering by then and also feel that they ought to be listening to the speaker. Maybe some will go shop online or at the store, but we did not even make back the cost  of the table.

Fortunately, I nearly completed my sock.

burgundy sock 001 Unfortunately, I made an error in the trellis pattern. By the time I noticed this I had gone on for another four inches. I pulled the stitches down to the error, but couldn’t fix it under the circumstances and in fact ended up making it worse, to the point of having to give up entirely on the trellis. I therefore have a nice little trellis for some inches and then a mess.

As you can see, I had put the trellis in the wrong spot anyway back when I divided for the heel, so I just continued on regardless, because they are, after all, socks, and not a work of art.

One woman caught me knitting during the keynote address and asked what the sock was for. I was rather at a loss. I just wear my socks, and don’t have any particular purpose for them beyond you know, putting them on my feet.

So I guess I will finish up this badly flawed sock and then make the second with a great sense of casualness.

If the second turns out to be a thing of beauty and therefore potentially a joy forever, I can always frog this sock then and reknit it to match.

Today I have workshops on physical science for little children. I intend to have lots of fun with that. And then #2 daughter is coming down for the weekend, and my Saturday workshop is cancelled, so I will have a weekend off unexpectedly, and we will have further fun.