I’ve spent a few hours already this morning doing linkbuilding for an environmental lesson plan. I love this lesson plan — if I could get this designer to snazz up all my lesson plans that way, they’d all be equally impressive. I’ve thought about hiring him to do that and making an e-book to sell. In my copious free time.

I realized yesterday that I just flat wasn’t going to get all my work finished this week, no matter how much I work. I still took the sample chocolates to The Computer Guy. I asked him straight out who he was planning to hire in July, and he plans to hire a developer. True, this makes his remarks about the three of us working together in one place even more confusing, but he apparently isn’t offering me a job, so I just made helpful suggestions about where he could find a developer.

My family had been opposed to my accepting his hypothetical job offer anyway, and I’m already fully employed, so I quickly overcame my mild disappointment and fed the guy chocolate. He was enthusiastic enough for me to send a favorable report to The Chocolatier.

I did tell The Computer Guy that I was taking a web design class, and I also spoke pretty freely about my other designers. It is possible that this was slight pettiness on my part, occasioned by my slight disappointment at his not offering me a job, even if it wouldn’t have been the best thing for me.

“You wouldn’t want to do the whole thing yourself,” he said. “The cutting, the coding…” he continued, but I interrupted and agreed with him.

“Oh no,” I said, “but my eldest has pointed out that my just passing the work on to people while I put in all those hours on project management isn’t a good business model.”

Whereupon The Computer Guy reminded me of our special arrangements, and also offered me another special arrangement for his hosting services.

I can’t swear that there were no undertones in that conversation. Remember Captain Subtext from Coupling? I don’t know quite what the subtext would have been, but there could have been a little bit of this:

“Yeah, I know it sounded like I was offering you a job, but I changed my mind.”
“Well then, let me remind you that I could compete with you.”
“Yeah, but you won’t, right? We’re friends, right?”

I’m making that up. I’m not much on subtexts, and The Computer Guy is so much on subtexts that I can’t even guess what was going on in his head.

My students made me very proud yesterday. Several times they said, “There’s no support” and “Where are the references?” and “can you support that?” and similar things. I told them that if they all left with that attitude, I would feel that I had succeeded with them.

The Chocolatier asked me to re-submit my proposal with my retainer doubled, which I did, and then later in the day asked me to re-re-submit it at the original rate, which I also did.

This weekend, in the unlikely event that I get all my work finished and am thus able to play around with my new quilt, I am going to make a sample block with a plain pale pink and see what you guys think of it.

I did actually do a little bit of sewing last night — small progress on the bra I’m making — as well as some of my homework for the web design class.

And I’m meeting Janalisa at the gym after class today, a circumstance which decreases the likelihood of my getting my work done, but is probably worth it anyway.