Work was very busy yesterday. I was hammering on snaps and getting stuff off the floor (fixtures going up to the new store result in all the old store’s product being dumped on the floor) in between customers, and had no spare moments.

“Trying” in the context of the month of June turns out to mean six day workweeks. There will be some financial incentive, unspecified, but since I am salaried and do not normally make any extra for working extra, I am pleased. This should help with the tuition payments, and/or convenience foods since I will be working six days a week.

Yesterday morning I was rushing around with #2 daughter, running to the bank and the grocery and getting ready for her trip. We dropped off #2 son and headed out of the parking lot at the school. You know how SUVs get next to you and you can’t see around them? So I put my nose out and then saw that there was a car coming on my right. I stopped, naturally, and waited my turn.

I hope this is clear: I was out in the road, maybe 8 inches. Another car swooped up on my left and — here again, I want this to be full disclosure — had to adjust the direction of her car slightly before going on down the road.

She shrieked at me, waved her arms around, shook her head so that her hair danced about, and generally looked like a madwoman. Her plan to go straight down the road had been altered by me! She had had to move her steering wheel slightly! I laughed at her. I admit it.

#2 daughter was furious. She said she wanted to get out of the car and go shout back at the madwoman. I suggested that maybe the madwoman had terrible problems in her life and having to turn her steering wheel was just the last straw.

What do you think? Who do you have most sympathy for: me, for being yelled at, #2 daughter, for being upset by a madwoman, or the madwoman, for being inconvenienced and then laughed at?

#2 daughter got safely up to school and my husband got safely home again, so I have no complaints. There is no cafeteria service for the summer, and last I heard her bathroom was locked and she had no key, but otherwise it sounds as though she will be living in great comfort.

We sent her off with trail mix, instant chai latte, granola, dried fruit, and microwavable stuff. We stood there in the aisle staring at the microwavable stuff suspiciously for a while.

I found the microwavable soup plausible. If you can put it in a can, why not in a microwavable container? But the microwavable pasta seemed unlikely. We got her one package, with promises to send more if it turns out to be good, and instructions to accept all dinner invitations.

And of course she has three cases of instant noodles.

Here is a list of Summer Reading Challenge readers, if you would like to go see what people are reading this summer. Some of the sites have good book reviews already, though we only officially began yesterday. Since we started on a Thursday, it might be a real challenge to read two books this week, particularly since I will be working on Saturday.

One of the suggestions for the SRC was to post pictures of the places where you read the books. Of course, it would be best if they were snaps of the Lido, and little rustic benches along famous rivers, and maybe a table at the Top of the Mark.

In real life, however, this is where  I have read so far this month: a recliner in my living room.

There are no circumstances under which I would buy a brown vinyl recliner. We were given this by my dad, who found that he couldn’t stay awake in it. Everyone in our family has napped in it, including the dogs, who are not allowed in it at all. However, though it is indeed a fabulously comfortable chair, I am able to stay awake and read, knit, and sew while sitting in it.

You can see that I have a little table by it with room for my hemming, the new Silken Damask Jasmine sweater (just the ribbing, so far), and a cuppa. The plaid job on the arm of the chair is a pocketed thing I sewed from Simplicity 8826 some years ago. It is supposed to hold the remote control for your TV and your craft tools. Thus, you can watch a movie while you knit, and have your gauge measuring tools and stitch markers and scissors handy.

Here is what, in addition to the remote, the pockets actually contained when I checked this morning. A measuring tape, which seems reasonable, but also a harmonica, a length of lace, a candy wrapper, a battery, and the boxtops for sending off for a Spiderman T-shirt.

We may not be using that pocketed thing correctly.