My work days are getting longer and longer, but I did stop last night, have a salad with grilled chicken, spinach, cucumber and oranges (yum) and watch It’s Complicated. While watching, I tidied the living room, just so I wouldn’t feel like a slacker.

This was necessary because I have not just assignments I haven’t yet finished, but emails from clients wondering about those assignments. Of course, I’m also waiting to hear back from a number of clients on the stuff I sent them, so in some cosmic sense I may be even.

It’s Complicated is a fun, sweet movie about love amongst the wrinklies. Meryl Streep spends a little too much time being goofy, but I guess she has picked that up as her new persona. Diane Keaton did the same as she got older, though I think she was more successful with it. Streep does sweet very well, though.

Apart from the usual class, a meeting, and lots of writing, yesterday was distinguished by the arrival at my house of a webcam. I’m excited about the webcam because I think it will aid immeasurably in the production of educational videos for my educational website. It thinks it would be fun to use for video calls and IMs.

Video phone (or vidphone as the SF novels used to style it) is an idea so obvious and easy that you’d think we’d have started using it all the time by now.

I plugged in the cute little webcam, positioned it on my screen, uploaded the software, and immediately learned why we don’t do much video phoning. A picture of me, hunched over the keyboard in my “Don’t Make Me Use My Opera Voice” T-shirt leapt onto the screen and scared me.

Once I realized that I was looking only at a poorly-groomed middle-aged woman and not at some truly frightening thing, I was able to play with the camera and enjoy it. You can choose an avatar for yourself and be a dinosaur or a stick figure instead of showing yourself to the world if you want (note to self: do not go out in public in that headband, and sit up straight).

I haven’t done anything but play with it yet, but I’ll keep you posted on whether it continues to be fun or not. My husband objected to it on the grounds that it requires you to wear pants while using it. It’s my understanding that some people don’t wear pants while using their webcams, but I didn’t mention that. No need to complicate the discussion further.

For me, it was just a reminder that my brain, which always thinks I look the way I did at 25 unless I suddenly get scared by a mirror, is unreliable.