I had to get up with my husband at 4:30 this morning, so naturally I thought, “Here’s my chance to get my divs in order!” I’m sure you would have thought the same thing.

Unfortunately, while I can float to the left and the right, the center persists in hanging out at the bottom of the page instead of coming up and filling in between the floats as it is supposed to do. I’m at a loss.

I went to the gym yesterday in spite of being behind, and got back in time for a phone meeting which resulted in the addition of a new Dark Art client. This one is very sensibly using the time to learn how to do things herself, or delegate them to her staff. She’s very smart. At one point, I actually said that. “You’re such an intelligent woman!” I said. In tones of delight, I hope, rather than astonishment. I’m looking forward to working with her, though I hope I won’t say things like that any more.

On to class, and then home to catch up with my Dark Art for the week. The bookkeeper came by. She has been planning to come every Thursday for about a month and never has before, so I wasn’t sure she would this time either, but she did.

She asks me questions. I answer her, feeling as though I’m explaining my drug problem to a doctor or something.

“Oh,” she’ll say, looking at my one single piece of bookkeping, a sheet of paper on which I write my income as it arrives, “here’s your checkbook balance at the beginning of the month.”

No, I have to explain, that’s where I write my total income for the month. She behaves as though it’s quite normal to put the total at the top of the list, which apparently it is not. I think those totals are embarrassingly large, because I have always had a large family and a modest income, and it makes me wonder whether I’m paying her enough. However, they are probably less than she or any of her other clients make, so I resolutely ignore this concern.

She looks at my scratchings, seeing that I have put multiple payments from the same client during one month in all different places. This is apparently not comme il faut. “So you’ve invoiced –“

I have to admit that I don’t know how much I’ve invoiced. I know how much I’ve been paid. There are invoices, PDFs, in my computer somewhere, which show what I’ve invoiced.

“So how much does this guy owe you?” she asks, indicating a client who I know is overdue.

“I don’t know,” I have to admit. “He’s paid $400. So whatever is left over from the invoices after subtracting $400…”

We sort out which invoices belong to this guy, since I’ve used a nickname on the sheet of paper showing payments.

I hope she doesn’t go out and tell everyone how incompetent I am.

Actually, she assured me as she left that my situation wasn’t complex at all. I’m glad to hear this.

Then #2 son went through stacks of papers in search of the stuff he needs to finish up his college paperwork. He lectured me on the importance of filing. His brother added disgusted noises. I, having been working for twelve hours at this point, finished up the fifth blog post of the day while scraping together some semblance of a dinner. #1 son refused to eat it, on the grounds that we had eaten that food too frequently lately and he was tired of it.

I suggested that they were out of line. #2 son agreed. #1 son continued to behave as though he were staying in an unfortunately ill-run hotel and complaining no more than he absolutely had to.

I graded papers after dinner, but there were some exciting interruptions. First, the car’s battery died. Fortunately, my husband can fix anything, and now with my newfound financial security, we just went and bought a battery.

#2 son’s tuition will take up all the excess in our budget, and I’m also paying off our debts, but if I keep working as much as I have been, we may still be able to fix things without having crises. It’s nice.

I had phone calls from both my daughters, who are coming in today. This is pretty exciting, except that the occasion is their daddy’s insistence that we clean out the garage. He told me last night in some detail how messy all the neighbor’s garages are. Ours, I take it, will shine out like a beacon, leading all the people on the block to clean theirs too and thus improving everyone’s lives immeasurably.

Since he had just fixed my car, I didn’t say much.

Then I got a note from The Northerners (Allbright, that is) asking if I’d work with their designer to make a new website for a client. Eight notes, actually, comprising all the correspondence hitherto, plus the designer’s concept. I found this pretty thrilling, and I’m going to look over all the documents they sent me as soon as I finish my tea.

I am now working on two sites with The Computer Guy, one with J1, one with J2, and one with J3. I have another I’m waiting to hear about, with a guy whose name begins with M. If his designer’s name also begins with J, I may have to refuse, but so far it looks good. The Computer Guy and I are supposed to begin with the Chocolatier on July 6. Today is my last day of class. I have eight Dark Art clients right now. So I figure I can write up all the websites in the first two weeks of July, since I won’t be teaching, and also get all the homework for my design class finished. Then I’ll go on vacation for a week.

Assuming I can get my divs to behave.