This is my classroom, and that’s my class in there.

This is the picture for their Squidoo lens, which is coming along nicely. They’re writing about 21st century skills, an interesting if arcane topic that’s a big deal in education circles.

I like this classroom, since it has multiple computers, but it doesn’t have a projector. The last classroom I was in had a projector, but no computers for the students.

In the fall, I’ll be in yet another classroom and who knows what will be in it.

This is the picture for their lens, so they don’t mind having it online, and I don’t think you can recognize anybody anyway. It’s that kind of picture.

Each of them is making a module. So far the most amazing one to me is the one on Cell Phone Literacy.I’ll link you up when they’re through.

I went to visit a client before class, and then spent the afternoon mostly on two projects. The bookkeeper came by for a couple of hours. I don’t know what she’s been doing, but I assume that she’s improving my life. Along about 5:00, Partygirl called. She said she was too tired for a walk, but had a bottle of Tequila if I’d like to come sit on her porch and drink.

I’m not sure whether I would in fact have gone to drink Tequila on her porch, since rehearsal was moved from last night to tonight, but #1 son needed the car to get to work. So I just dropped by briefly to hand over some books and catch up, and came on home and graded papers. Oh, and did my own homework.

Today the cleaner is coming. I’m thinking that I ought to pick up a bit, but of course if I had time to do that, I wouldn’t be hiring her. Possibly half an hour of tidying so she can reach the surfaces to clean them. Instead of the gym. Sigh.

But I also have a call scheduled today with the truck people,a dn I haven’t called the chocolatier this week, either. I think I’ll need to work tomorrow.