Yesterday’s client meeting went well. I told her that I wasn’t even going to mention my hourly rate, because I knew it wasn’t in her budget. I told her that I had people paying me a good rate, but what I didn’t have was assured, steady work, and that if she was prepared to make a commitment, I would work with her budget.

There have been several occasions when it has struck me that negotiating with clients has some things in common with courtship. My relationship with Client #2 reminds me, in some ways, of #2 daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend. We’re good together, and there are occasional hints of future commitment, but quite definitely no engagement. My Dark Art Light clients are casual dating partners, with a certainty of no marriage in the future, though one has said that she wished she could just hire me full time. I basically told Client #4 that I wasn’t interested in a fling, and I expected a ring from her. The metaphor breaks down with Client #6, who is calling me again today. I am allowed to work five more hours for him this week (I signed a contract promising not to work more than the specified number of hours), so I hope that I will have a proper report to offer. Or maybe some good, insightful questions to ask him. 

5Following my meeting, I did some Dark Art Light, and then had lunch with Janalisa. This was great fun, and had nothing to do with the Sonoma Diet. I had a cooking show last night, so following the lunch I took some time off. I traded in some old books and DVDs for a new book chosen entirely on a whim: French-inspired Jewelry by Kaari Meng.

I should say in my own defense that I looked at the shop’s computer and business books with great seriousness before choosing this frivolous book.

I stopped by the bead shop, where everything has prices like 7 cents and 13 cents, so you don’t feel extravagant about going there even if you are trying to be very frugal, and bought the things to make these pretty earrings. I went home, did not even turn on my computer, and made them before I packed up for the cooking show. My poor wire skills sure show in this picture, but I like the earrings a lot.

My husband came home while I was making them and manfully resisted the urge to take them away from me and do them right, even though I was using his pliers. “They’re pretty,” he said. “They look like you.”

Don’t you think romance between old people is sweet?

Most of today will be spent in plying The Dark Art for Client #6, but I also have stuff to do for Clients #s 4 and 7, so it is going to be a busy day. All my menfolks have the day off, so there will be a lot of asking them to keep it down, and then asking them to be a bit quieter, and then asking them if they would please just go away.

I’m taking the evening off. I am going to cook a nice Sonoma Diet dinner, ignoring the plaintive cries of my menfolks, who can cook for themselves if they don’t like it, and then I am going to loll around and read.