I have at least for the moment finished with my 20 k words on IT support. I say for the moment because I send stuff off and then wait for the response, which is sometimes something like, “The copy is brilliant!” and sometimes something like, “Please rewrite this completely.” Since it can be a while till I know which one it is, I can never think I’m finished right away.

For example, my medical billing stuff has returned to me, so I have that and my rehab addition and the online magazine editing at the top of my list today. I turned in the last of the IT support stuff last night shortly after 11:00, and at 4:30 a.m. there had been no response. I was startled. This just goes to show the power of peer pressure.

What I ought to do now is go back to sleep, but I have to grade papers before class, which means that I have two hours to get it done. It seems possible that sleeping for an hour would allow me to do a better job in the remaining hour than I could currently do in two, but given how great my sleep debt is by now, that’s probably not true. In fact, I’d probably sleep through class.

CD told me last night that I should make a list here of all the things I’ve figured out in the past year. The context was my not having figured out how to get any sleep. However, I think that’s more about my husband’s work schedule, really. It’s true that people in my field don’t seem to sleep much, but I think I’d be willing to be the exception, if only because I’m the one who isn’t 23 years old. But I see from my xanga that I was sleep deprived at this time last year, too, and it was also because of having to get up at 0 dark thirty to take my husband’s coffee to him. This is apparently the big season for toolmaking.

The ladies of the choirlet told me last night that I should get an automatic coffee maker and set it up on my husband’s bedside table. I’m thinking about it.

I will say that I now know lots about IT support.