A while back I had a birthday, and my mother gave me a credit to Amazon. I used to disapprove of Amazon on principle, for good reasons which have now become moot, since there no longer exist any small, independent bookstores for Amazon to endanger.

3Amazon had available all the books of the Science of the Discworld series. I was able to get the second book last year, but the first and third could not be had in the U.S., but could only be ordered at ruinous shipping costs from the UK. I used my birthday present to do that, and the books arrived yesterday — from Germany, for some reason.

This made me very happy, especially since I cannot read novels and am down to the very serious bits of my nonfiction stack.

 I went to visit a physicist yesterday. Here’s the physics department at our local university, and just for perspective, here’s the engineering center across the street.3

It’s not that bad. There is a whole physics building, though it is small and old. The sign must be a leftover, since the physics department is celebrating its centennial this year.

However, I still think the contrast between the two buildings says something about our commitment to theoretical vs. applied sciences.

The person whom I asked for directions to the office of the particular physicist I was looking for said to me, “This is the physics building,” in a slow, kind voice.

People often speak to me in a slow, kind voice. I really don’t think I am a slow-witted person. I guess I must look slow-witted, though.

The physicist and I had a good chat about the challenges of teaching science in elementary school nowadays. I can 3get pretty emotional about this subject.

Then I went to try out a new walking trail. The weather is lovely now, and there are a few flowers blooming but mostly it is still ugly winter. I am therefore offering you another picture of waterfowl.

As soon as the local world wakes up into its spring beauty, I’ll quit leaving you with pictures of waterfowl instead of proper scenery.

Last night’s task of organizing the church’s music library was postponed, and I admit that I was relieved. I visited Partygirl briefly and then spent the evening with my family, reading and quilting while #1 son played piano and a thunderstorm raged.

It was very nice.

Housework? What housework? Today I have a workshop to do, and a day at the store. I am all excited about the new SEO technique I have mastered, and will have to discipline myself not to bore my colleagues senseless with it. Housework is on the schedule for tomorrow.