The SewIKnit kitchen project deadline is today. Since I am the only one so far who has posted a finished project (a hot mitt), we may have a bit of leeway. Still, I hate to miss a deadline.

Fortunately, there is a tradition among craft blogs for such occasions: we show our materials, and describe what provence we had planned to do. This is almost like having actually done it.

Here, therefore, are the fabrics for my intended Provencal kitchen projects.

I ordered these on my birthday, as a birthday present to myself, and they just arrived yesterday. I had picked up some faintly Provencal fabrics from the clearance table at the fabric store as well, and actually cut out an apron. These fabrics, along with the scraps from the apron, are supposed to become a table runner.

I like table runners a lot. They are to quilting what scarves are to knitting: they are relatively quick, use such small quantities that you can enjoy really beautiful materials without much investment, and they can be both useful and decorative without fitting concerns.

However, since the fabrics arrived yesterday and I have a job and all, I doubt that I will have either the apron or the table runner completed by the deadline.

Of course, if I ignore the deadline, I can make both at my leisure, and perhaps continue on from there with Provencal curtains, tablecloths, napkins, chair cushions, tea towels, and appliance cozies. Sun and joie de vivre will fill my kitchen, and there will be lots of wine-drinking and laughter all the time, rather than boys complaining that I am making them eat healthy food and my husband giving lectures on the proper way to load a dishwasher.

3407 006Actually, I expect to complete the apron this weekend, and also to decide what pattern to use for the table runner, after which decision it will be about a month before I actually finish the table runner, depending upon the excitement level in my life and how successfully I ignore my other WIPs.

The small pieces of fabric in the picture above (fat quarters, to quilters) came from Keepsake Quilting, my main source of quilting cotton now that our local quilt shop and my daughter’s local quilt shop have both shut down.

There is another table runner I have been planning to make for some time, a Thimbleberries design, with six little houses under a starry sky.

So when I was perusing the Keepsake Quilting catalog and I saw that they had not merely the Provencal fabrics, but also a packet of 10″ squares called “Building Materials,” I thought that would be perfect. building

I figured they would include brick and wood and stone patterns, maybe some Mediterranean roof tiles or something, and I could make the little houses from them and that would be extremely cute.

As you can see, there were brick and wood, and stone as well in the collection, but there are also fabrics for those who like to build from … hair. Or animal fur, feathers… electricity… pure thought…

I like the open-mindedness with which they approached the question of “building materials.” There is enough wood and brick and stone in there for my little houses. I am not sure what I will do with the others.

It is good that it is Friday. I woke up at 4:00 again (I guess it is good that we have switched to Daylight Savings Time, since I am no longer waking at 3:00 a.m.) with a compulsion to come out and add our logo to the new website I am fooling around with in order to add content to the main website. I spent yesterday signing up at directories, which is quite amazingly tedious after a few hours, but it does seem to be the Thing to Do. Along with Link Maintenance and monitoring Saturation.

I am largely wishing that I had known about these things sooner, though regrets about the past are not just tedious but also pointless. I am doing a lot of work, and hoping that the things I am doing are the things I ought to do, and that they will succeed in time.

This weekend, though, I will be working on my writing assignments, sewing, knitting, and cleaning the house, all of which are things that can show immediate and satisfying results.