Here’s Hopkins’s back. There are several ways to make an entirely smooth edge on the armscye, none of which I am using here. Actually, I most often pick up the stitches and knit the sleeve down to the wrist, rather than making them in pieces and sewing them in, and that gives you the best possible join. But I am taking the “who’s going to notice?” approach here and just knitting the stitches together at the edge. The stitch marker is there to show me when I have finished decreasing — much simpler than counting repeatedly.

The reason that I am not bothering is that I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. I missed St. Patrick’s day entirely. St. Patrick’s Day should be greeted with a green table full of Irish breakfast foods — barm brach, Irish soda bread (modified for healthiness), steel-cut oats, O’Brien potatoes, and the like. New pencils or other small green things and new Irish books are also supposed to be on the table. This did not happen. I did remorsefully serve chimichangas and green salad on green plates for dinner, and I made Rice Krispies Treats with green food coloring, but we all know that this is not how it should be.

Good Friday, Easter, and #1 son’s birthday are all coming up in the next few weeks. I hope I will have things in better order by then.

Thanks to all of you who sent links for folklore programs! I am also still hoping for some personal testimonies. Why I hope this, I do not know. Have you noticed that many of us have a sort of superstitious idea about the internet? Many people, I know, imagine that they can buy and receive stuff with incredible speed over the internet, in spite of the fact that the items must still travel through space. Students often expect that they will be able to access all the information in existence on a particular subject merely by typing the word in at Google. And I have this idea that, among the two dozen people who come over to my xanga, there is bound to be one who knows someone who knows someone who is studying folklore, since all the world is linked together in a massive web of knowledge all across the globe. It’s such a nice thought that I think I will not give it up, in spite of its essential implausibility.