Happy Read Across America Day!

This may not be one of the holidays you observe.It is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and we observe it here in Hamburger-a-go-go-land by dressing up in silly costumes (particularly Cat in the Hat hats), eating Green Eggs and Ham, and reading. One teacher yesterday told me that at her school, they were all going to read The Cat in the Hat at 1:46 precisely.

This is a fun holiday. It was also nice to have a normal conversation.

If you do not consider that a normal conversation, you have my sympathy.

My old friend M wrote to me about the struggles at her job (worse than mine) and some other trials she’s dealing with. It’s all part of the human condition, she recognized, “but like everyone else I feel egocentrically marooned.”

That’s it. Exactly.

We had some other normal conversations yesterday, too. Blessing was telling me about her favorite exercise DVDs. They have titles like “Thin Thighs in 8 Minutes!” and “Abs of Steel 7 Minute Workout!”

I’ve told you about my favorite exercise DVDs. 40 minutes of ferocity is what I like.

I did not heap scorn. I did, however, enlist the support of one of our customers. She is a little older than me, and I see her out running all the time.

“Tell me,” I said, “would you rather have thin thighs or a great lipids profile?”

She went for the lipids. I knew she would.

“See!” I told Blessing. “When you are our age, you will not want an 8 minute thigh workout.”

We then returned to the process of making the changes at the store sound good. People keep saying things like “Do I understand you correctly? You’re closing the store?” Occasionally I get away with saying things like “We’re taking the store virtual.”

The Empress and I have realized that we are going to have to master the terminology. I may have learned to google for “SEO,” but I don’t yet know how to use it in a sentence.

22507The Empress is off learning these things. At least I hope that is what she is doing.

Here is Pipes, getting the last bit of ribbing.

This is an encouraging dpn picture for Simplespirit, who is going to make socks next weekend.

This triangle is what you are after. Some people use a square, but I like a nice stable triangle. You have one more needle, of course, to travel around with.

I’m doing the ribbed cuff of a sleeve, but it is the same as the ribbed cuff of a sock. Socks just don’t have the sweater attached to them.