In yesterday’s performance, the tech guy did insist I use a microphone, and then asked me to back off. “You have such a strong voice,” he said, rather as though that were a problem. Well, yes, I do have a big voice. And we have good acoustics. It’s a church, not a park. I was courteous about it.

The service was refreshing, the jambalaya was terrific, and I sat at a table of people I didn’t know well, rather than going and hanging out at the musicians’ table. True, they were talking about bowling where I sat, but I was proud of myself for doing that. We have to seek out new experiences in order to preserve the elasticity of our brains, don’t we?

Otherwise (and apart from a visit to the gym), I was just working on normal work. #1 daughter made it home last night and told us about her day, a normal work day for her, too.

The investigator in the office next to hers had gotten into a bit of a screaming match with someone in his office, and was threatening to shoot the guy. #1 daughter, working on the other side of the thin wall, became a bit alarmed.

She asked one of the lawmen whether she ought to leave her office in case of stray bullets.

“Nah,” the lawman reassured her, “he’s a good shot.”

That sort of thing probably keeps the brain highly elastic.3

While we talked, I worked on the table runner which has been a WIP for the past year. I have no explanation for why this is taking me so long.

It would be nice if it were finished in time for Easter but I don’t see that happening, unless I finish it up by machine.

I do enjoy hand quilting, though, and I like the way it looks. The texture, it seems to me, is better than what machine quilting produces.

Today I will be at the store, and tonight is the Tenebrae service. I’m hoping #1 daughter will come up and hang out with me a bit. She is a fascinating conversationalist, and we had several conversations started last night which we weren’t able to get finished because we strayed off onto other topics.