Here is the start of Hopkins’s first sleeve, with the colorwork completed. It is asymmetrical, vaguely triangular, and subtle, as intended, but I am now wondering whether maybe a vertical band all the way up the sleeve might be better. I draped the body over a chair and set the sleeve on it. I’m squinting at it across the room (Hopkins looks better at a distance) trying to imagine it both ways in order to decide. Hmm.

The Maundy Thursday service was fun. The director asked #2 daughter to do a solo on Sunday. While we are a little alarmed that there was room for a solo on Easter Sunday with three days’ notice (usually, choirs begin the Easter music right after Christmas), I’m sure she will do a good job. The director claimed that I had bragged about her, but you know that I would never brag about my kid πŸ˜‰

Otherwise, we are definitely in Spring Break territory. We went to the gym yesterday and worked out for about 18 minutes (“We’ll get the rest of our cardio walking around the shops,” I said inaccurately), then got the nice guy at the desk to show us how to use all the machines. Hitherto, we have only been using the ones we could guess how to use — half a dozen. Most of the others look to me like farm equipment. We watched admiringly as the nice guy twisted himself into intimate contact with the various machines. Mostly, the way they work is pretty counter-intuitive. We would never have guessed them. There were a couple he told us were just for men. We did not ask further. He also gave us some good hints for how to determine how much weight to use and things like that. So we spent the normal amount of time at the gym — we just spent it standing around.

Then we went shopping. I hate shopping. We had intended to visit three shopping centers,but only managed one. However, I went into three stores and conducted three transactions, so I feel reasonably proud of myself. #2 daughter actually likes shopping. I bought her a couple of little things that she admired. Today I must go clothes shopping with the boys. Into every life a little rain must come. We sat down to dinner together, enjoying chicken parmesan with whole-grain pasta and steamed carrots and multi-grain bread, plus #2 son’s requested possum pie. Then all the kids played video games — Final Fantasy 10 and NBA Street 3. And I read a bunch of knitting blogs. So our day — apart from the music — was a perfect example of modern American life: watch other people be active, buy things, eat things, and look at screens.  

Today is Good Friday. I am up making Hot Cross Buns. If you click on the words, you will find a good traditional recipe. I use whole grains, but my recipe is otherwise very similar. If you are having a misty morning, as we are, then spending a couple of hours making Hot Cross Buns will be a nice, cozy way to start the day. When they are hot out of the oven, I will try to roust everyone out of bed with the smell of fresh bread, and get them to come to the gym and actually use all those machines. Tonight we are riding up to the next county for the Tennebrae service, again with the kind and funny ladies. In between, I hope to persuade the family to go to the International Festival being held in the next town, but I have after all promised to go to the mall with them, so I guess we’ll find out just how persuasive I am.