Here is the supposedly completed back left shoulder of Salt Peanuts. You do a couple of bind-off rows and then a few decrease rows in the normal way, and then instead of knitting for six or seven inches you do another bind off row, and then a bind-off row on the opposite side, knit across five stitches, and end with a sort of a point.

Either the directions are horribly wrong, or there is some interesting shaping done with the collar or something. I don’t know. I’ve frogged and redone it three times, got #2 daughter (with the visual-spatial skillz) to look at the directions to see what I might have missed, and now I just have to give up on that.

Either it will all become clear once I do the fronts, or I’ll have to take it out again.

Actually, I just went and looked at The Keyboard Biologist’s  sweater, and the back of her sweater looks quite normal, not like mine at all. Hmmm.

The service yesterday was as good as it could have been under the circumstances. The officiant offered us the image of my brother being surprised and delighted to meet God, and old friends of his told us bizarre stories involving my brother and large machinery. There were also some bizarre stories about large machinery, not involving my brother, but apparently told with the object of suggesting that having my brother there would have improved things no end.

Today #2 daughter and I are going to run errands and meet with The Computer Guy (or rather, I’m going to meet with The Computer Guy while #2 checks out his office and tries to arrange a date with him). I came home yesterday to a couple of cases of scope creep. It can be hard to tell, actually; if a client wants another eight pages or so added to a website, that could mean that I have another project, and that’s nice. It could also mean that they don’t realize what they’re asking, and aren’t expecting to pay any more for it. On oDesk, this issue doesn’t arise, but for private clients it means clarification conversations.