It has been a long time since I posted any images of knitting propaganda, so here’s one. I like the entire genre, although this one is a little threatening-looking. Possibly not just because of the gun-wielding soldier, but also because I don’t know what the word “dones” means, and yet we are being exhorted to do it. Maybe.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had cards and e-cards and calls and both breakfast and dinner made for me, and even a cake. I was very touched.

Ah. Apparently “dones” means “women.” And “treballeu” is knitting, as in the poster at this link: which tells us, I think, to knit for the front, because the nights are cold. babelfish does not know this word, so I am guessing. No wonder I have not previously posted this bit of knitting propaganda. The truth is, I have no idea what it is advocating, and it is probably quite irresponsible of me to put it up here. Maybe it says “He may have a gun, but you have pointy sticks!”