I’ve finally finished reading Why Does E=MC2 and (Why Should We Care?). I quite enjoyed it. There’s a lot of math, I must warn you, so some people might not enjoy it all the way through. In fact, the reason it took me so long to read it is that I was reading it with the Science and Philosophy Book Club, and I kept posting at the site and waiting for responses. It seemed rude to go on to the next chapter when some people hadn’t yet finished the current chapter.

Apparently, we lost some people along the way.

The point that the authors used to sum things up at the end was that we need free-ranging thought, in combination with training and education that encourages rigorous scientific thought, in order to get new ideas and new applications of knowledge. Training people for a job and keeping people’s minds on what’s profitable doesn’t result in important new ideas.

All of us who are involved in education should remember this.