Yesterday these goodies from l’Occitane arrived from my sister.

I’ve been thoroughly spoiled for my birthday, I must say.

The choirlet gave me a peace lily, and my mother gave me a stack of books, including Wrapped in Crochet, one of those pretty Interweave books, filled with scarves and shawls and stuff to crochet. CD gave me a gift card to Hancock Fabrics, which I took yesterday and used for some splendid drapey rayon to round out the SWAP I’m contemplating. I saw an article about sewing a wardrobe in a weekend which was quite inspiring.

Not this weekend, because I’ll be doing a training for the switch from WebCT to Blackboard for my online classes, and also I finally heard back from my British IT guys, who need a whole bunch of words to use in their quest for world domination new business plan.

Seriously, they have done amazing things in the UK in the past year, and are now planning to roll out a North American initiative which causes me to wonder whether they have a clear idea of how big a place it is over here. Assuming they’re clear on geography, it should be like being in on the startup of McDonald’s or something.

And I still have a bunch of other work and the ABNA reviews and papers to grade, so I will be in this welter of wires and papers for the foreseeable future. The little pot of honey and lemon cream from l’Occitane which you can see in the mess by the mug makes all the difference. Even with it closed, I can smell it, and it adds luxury to the day.

Yesterday was a lovely spring day, too.

The next thing in the Life@Work book is an assignment to write a personal mission statement. Hmmm.