Here is the prayer shawl. The T-shirt gets its innings again this evening, and then I think there will be time to finish Hopkins before it gets too hot.

There are summer adjustments to be made, in and out of knitting.

#2 daughter is my gym partner again. This means, on the down side, that I have to start the day by rousting her out of bed, and decide whether to go without her or to leave later than usual and be rushed getting ready for work.

On the upside, she remembers how to use all the machinery. So, yesterday, there was this innocent-sounding conversation: “This one is hard.” “That’s because it’s a part of your arm that you never work.” And this morning I am in pain.

Then there is the mess. Mess stresses me out. It is messy at work right now, unavoidably so as we get all the new things in for the next school year. And my house has reached a level of messiness which I find intolerable, even though no one else sees it at all.

I am showing you the parts visible right now from the computer, but I assure you that all surfaces in the house are currently covered with stuff in this way. Each flat surface has a dozen objects on it, and each vertical surface is draped with something, including surfaces that are normally too high up to attract any mess.

By July we will all have moved into deep sloth and I will have given up, but right now it is a matter of me complaining to my kids, who behave as though I were imagining things — specifically, as thought I were imagining the mess. They feel, I think, that since I am the only one who objects to it, I should be the one to clean it up.

Each summer I hope to come up with a solution to this problem, so that I will not spend so much of the season fuming over it. Maybe this will be the year that I succeed.