A guy came yesterday for a site visit to make sure that I was worthy to accept credit card payments. He took snaps of my house and my mailbox, and then followed me back to my office. I was able to give him a business card, but had no further artifacts (brochures, licenses…), nor did I have credit card logos displayed. No inventory for him to look at, and no credit card machine or cash register.

He took a picture of my file cabinet.

I showed him websites I had made. I showed him my Basecamp account. I showed him the article from WSJ that mentioned me. Eventually, he agreed that I was conducting business on the premises.

Now I can accept credit card payments. If you’re in business, you might have debated the value of doing this. On the surface, it seems to me that it’ll work out, since we’ve paid PayPal about $30 per transaction, and this new merchant account will run us $20 a month. However, I may never take another credit card transaction, and then I’ll be sorry, won’t I?

The client for whose sake I did this doesn’t take American Express himself, I noticed as I worked on his site last night. I also noticed that he has about 18 pages of stuff on that site which is plastered all over chiropractors’ websites from one coast to the other. I don’t know where they all get this stuff, but I was sort of shocked. I rewrote it all, of course, and learned all about chiropractic in the process.

They have a history of weirdness, it’s true, but then so does mainstream medicine. But this widespread plagiarism from one another’s sites is something else again. I’ve had an absolute rash of it among students this term, too. I wonder whether the copy/paste function is at least partially to blame…