5 There is a at last a rosebud showing a bit of color.

Normally at this time we have lots of roses. Fine Soprano has lots. I haven’t asked Partygirl, but I know that she is usually in the rose competitions and the garden tours, so if there is a problem with her roses, she probably would have mentioned it.

We have had The Year of the Caterpillars, though, so we are just now beginning to see some bloom. Or at least incipient blooom.

I have some more garden pictures for you. Happy lettuces. Winsome columbine. Stuff like that. We have begun being able to step into the garden while cooking and grab a pepper and some herbs for the pot.5

I wanted to tell you about my meeting with the university temp lady.

She did not throw me out as the town one did. She was glad to have me. She offered me something right then, which I could not take because it included Saturday, when I will be doing a presentation on Victorian missionary hymns. She sent my resume off to someone who needs an instructional design person.

The picture that is not of my gardens is from yesterday’s walk. I was thinking, as I strolled through the park, about my attitude toward my job hunt. That is, I am not thinking about what I might enjoy doing, now that I suddenly have completely open possibilities.

5I am thinking, here’s what I would like to do. Too bad I can’t do that. Oh, well, what could I stand to do?

 That’s a bit sad, isn’t it?

It isn’t as though there is absolutely no need for people who do research and writing and instructional design. Even The Dark Art is an actual field of work that people do. It isn’t as though I want to be a goddess or something. I basically just want to continue with my happy little life as it is.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post to submit to one of the big SEO blogs (they will probably not use it, but I enjoyed the process), made a delivery of kitchen gear, did some tutoring, met with a client, and 5then came home to find another assignment from Client #2.

If the temp lady calls me fairly frequently, I could perhaps combine assorted tasks at the university with assorted freelance work and have a working life filled with variety and creativity and problem-solving.

Or perhaps there is in my town someone who needs a person like me in his or her organization, and I just need to find them.

It could happen.

Today I have the new assignment, another client meeting, a good post for my erstwhile paid blog (which I am still doing while someone is negotiating about buying it, and I hope that gets settled soon), more tutoring, and preparation 5for tomorrow’s presentation.

This really is my idea of a perfect workday.

I am also thinking about my next knitting project.

 Erin has one finished sleeve and one nearly finished sleeve.

I still have part of the back to finish, and then it has to be sewn together and there are the button bands and all that, so it isn’t that close to completion.

However, I enjoy thinking about future knitting projects. I like to extend the stage of contemplating the next project for as long as possible.

I am going to use the laceweight yarn from my stash. I may have enough for two projects. I  bought it for a 5cardigan, but found that it was simply too light for that purpose. Alissa sent me a link to a pretty shrug pattern, and one of my books has a lace vest. I have also taken a fancy to the type of triangular lace shawl where the motifs meet at an angle in the middle. There are several of these online: Kiri, Icarus, Leaves and Flowers, Matilda. If any of you have made any of these, I’d love to hear your views.

It is Friday, at least in this hemisphere. My husband is off today and #1 son doesn’t go in to work until the afternoon. I will therefore be doing all those jobs while they hang around making noise.

Apart from that, I’m looking forward to it.