The project I’ve been working on for the past couple of days is a pair of upcoming workshops for teachers. You know, if you’ve been reading for a while, that this is one of the things I routinely did for my erstwhile job, and I really enjoy it. So I dragooned The Computer Guy into joining me to offer workshops to meet the six-hour technology professional development requirement for our state teachers. This is really a great need, and I sincerely believe that we will be able to offer an excellent product.

He is not hiring me to do this; we’re just partnering up. I’m doing the publicity. He produced the flyer, is fronting the 5 money, and adds respectability to the venture by having a company in the first place. If the workshops fill, we’ll share the work of actually preparing and presenting the things. His company will benefit from the publicity, and if the workshops fill, I’ll get paid from the profits. If the workshops don’t fill, I’ll have spent a couple of days working on it, and enjoyed myself. An investment of a couple of days and a bit of gas money seems worth it.

That’s the flyer on the right. It’s a quick flyer, so that gives you an idea of the level of computer skill the guy is bringing to the table.

And of course I know the state frameworks and the realities of the classroom, plus having lots of experience with teacher training.

So on Wednesday, I emailed the schools, did a couple of blog posts and a press release on the subject, and put some announcements into the online forums. I also filled out that form I told you about and some other stuff like that. Yesterday I picked up the flyers and carried them around to the local schools. I dropped one by for Client #3, since she has a lot of B2E trade, and she kindly put the word out on the media specialists’ listserve, of which I am not a member. Today I’ll be taking them up to the neighboring town’s schools.

Yesterday, we had a request for info from two counties away and a request to do the training at a local school in August. No actual purchase orders, but for quick initial response (especially since I didn’t email the school two counties away), it’s encouraging.

We’re also at the top of Google for reasonable searches on the subject, ahead of both the local university and the state Science and Technology Authority’s offerings, and you know how I gloat over that sort of thing. The Computer Guy was impressed, too.

Speaking of SEO, the post that I told you about now has many funny comments on it, so if you didn’t read it before you might want to now. And it is the custom among SEO bloggers to propose posts on their blogs to consolidation sites — kind of like recommending posts here at xanga, except that they take the post to another spot, which is set aside for this purpose. Such are the quaint customs of the SEOs. Anyway, mine got elevated in this manner, and I am all excited about that, too.

I also heard from Client #4, who is one of my June start date people, and she appears not to want The Dark Art Lite at all, but rather to have big plans. We haven’t talked figures, but it sounds encouraging. And Client #2 set me up an email address at this site, which has to be some sort of vote of confidence.

In short, I’ve had lots of work this week, and it has been quite successful. I could do this sort of thing all the time, chortling to myself happily when no one is around. It has not yet resulted in any actual spondulicks in my bank account for this week, though I did get a commission check and tutoring fees, so I will be able to feed my houseguests if they actually show up. Do you remember that book, Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow? There may be another step in there, like “Learn How to Bill People” and “Try to Work Only on Things You Are Actually Going to Be Paid For.” That’s the thing I like about salaries. You can just go ahead and work all you want, and someone gives you funds on a regular basis and you don’t have to think about that stuff.

Where are the Medicis when I need them? Do you think they would be patrons of SEO if they were around today?

Well, it is good to learn new things. I may go over to the Small Business Development people and see if they can give me any pointers.

I am also going to have to try to get other aspects of my life in order. You may have noticed, if you have no problems of your own to think about, that whenever my life gets exciting, I lose track of things like housework and exercise and eating properly. In this case, the level of excitement has been pretty high for quite a while. My house is pretty disorderly, I have added enough pounds that I now must either lose some or find larger professional clothes before I can actually do the presentations, and my family probably would be telling me that they are feeling grumpy and resentful if I were paying enough attention to them to notice.

I’ll work on those things later, though. Today I have more school visits, preliminary research for Client #4,  upkeep on Clients 1 and 3, and that new program to master.