We had planned to go last night to the free concert in the park with this famous local band. Locally famous, at least.

Ironydotcom came to dinner, and afterwards #1 son headed off to the park with his buds. #2 son declined to go, pointing out the heat. I thought about the parking difficulties and the mosquitoes. #2 daughter mused on these things also. We decided to let #1 son represent the family, and we stayed home and played some games instead. Wheedle, Malarkey, and Catchphrase, to be precise.

I knitted while playing, and nearly reached the point of decreasing. (I speak here of the second sleeve of the Regal Orchid Jasmine sweater.) Here they are, entirely unblocked and rolling in upon themselves freely.

#2 daughter tells me that irnoydotcom is prepared, should he begin dating a vampire. Vampires continue to be popular in mass market fiction (got the paperback advance yesterday, so I know). Vampire romance novels in particular are very popular. How strange is that?

But Wired magazine, which is always ahead of the curve, says that vampires are heading out. Snakes are next. I do not foresee snake-themed romance novels. #2 daughter thought it might be pirates next. Could be. We were discussing this in the gym. No one looked at us oddly.

Zucchini! I read once that it was best to take outdoor pictures at sunrise or sunset, and dawn is when I have time to take pictures, so I figure I should have splendid garden pictures. In fact, I get these crepuscular shots. Vampire zucchini?

Weeding will have to take place this weekend. On the right you can see lavender and basil. Pesto may also have to take place this weekend.

I will be working for a few hours tomorrow, and there is talk of a hike. The temperature discourages us from any outdoor adventures (concert in the park, anyone?) so it may be that we will not do any hiking at all.

Our Plan B is to go to the Hancock Fabrics Memorial Day Sale and spend the weekend inside, with the air conditioning on, sewing. We can venture out to grill something and pick basil