Friday May 28, 2010

I went on a hike yesterday with CD, though it ended up being more of a walk. A long walk, though, and very enjoyable, though I think I talked her ear off. I’ve been doing some exciting projects lately. At least I find them exciting.
CD also brought me a large box of sewing patterns. She’s the same one who brought me a couple of large boxes of fabric last month. Clearly, if I ever complete SWAP part 1, I will have to move on to SWAP part 2.

Some of the patterns I plan to pass along to #2 daughter. This one, for example. I think the little top and skirt would look very cute on her. The culottes are of course a dreadful mistake on anyone, and were a dreadful mistake even when they were in style. I’m not sure where they were going with the lab coat look, either.

But the top and skirt should be very cute.

There are also a couple of designs from Hot Patterns — the Weekender wrap dress and the Butterfly Top and wrap skirt — plus a couple of suits and a nice big coat for the winter. These patterns are in small sizes and more suited to her young, dramatic style.

Also, the pattern shown at left, which should be nice for her dance classes. She’s taking salsa now, and plans to move on to Western Swing.

I signed up for Photoshop, myself — an online summer class. I think I spend too much time trying to figure it out myself, and might as well just learn it. The instructor is the same one from whom I took html last summer. The class was called “web design,” but mostly it was just html.

I didn’t feel that the instructor knew enough about modern web design, and I found the class frustrating. However, I have the impression that she’s hot stuff with Photoshop. I guess I’ll find out.

I also start teaching my summer class on Tuesday. I was hoping to complete all The Computer Guy’s websites and the 7 assignments for the Kennedy Center before beginning that class, but that may not be a realistic goal. I’ve done the websites, actually, but I still have two assignments for the arts center, and a magazine editor has asked me to do several articles for the June issue.

June, in case you’ve lost track, starts on Tuesday.

And I’m going to WordCamp this weekend with my girls, who are arriving tonight. So I am thinking that I may just do what I can this morning and have a long weekend. If I clean house and buy groceries this afternoon, I can enjoy the long weekend with my family — Memorial Day being one of the two IT holidays each year, I’ve learned.

Then I can start June just slightly behind.