Here’s my pantry. Someone had asked me about it, I think because I had  talked about #2 daughter not having one.

I don’t really have anything to say about it. I got a case of granola bars from Amazon for $15 at one point and I buy tea from them by the case as well, so the disproportionate quantities of those items have an explanation. At least it’s not Pop-Tarts.

Pop-Tarts are food-like things which became immensely popular at the turn of the century among IT guys because they can be eaten with one hand and don’t leave crumbs on the keyboard. They have a frighteningly long shelf life, more calories and less protein than a doughnut, and no fiber at all.

Though CD told me last night that Pop-Tarts are the perfect disaster food.

She was telling me all the good things that Wal-Mart has done (including supplying Pop-Tarts to the victims of disasters), which is good, because I have to write 1500 highly positive words about them today. Also three articles on charity events. And a Squidoo lens or two for the stage hypnotist. I think that’s about all.

 I’ve had two websites launched this week. 

I’ve been sending champagne truffles to clients whose websites launch, but one of the clients in this case is a freight brokerage, and very heavy on men. Do men like champagne truffles?

The ladies of the choirlet include some wild women, and one of them, when I shared this dilemma, suggested condoms. A box of condoms with the gift message “To celebrate your launch!”

We’re doing a charity gig, the choirlet and I, and they have decided to sing “I Can Sing a Rainbow,” “Shenandoah,” “Daddy Sang Bass,” and “Circle” by Harry Chapin.

I just do what I’m told.

These other photos are  proof that I’m actually feeding my kids. I need, today, to check on my husband’s unemployment payments (he’s had short hours the past couple of weeks), pick up a copy of our tax return, and make a payment on #1 son’s tuition.

This type of thing makes me cross, for some reason.

Like maybe Bunter or Jeeves should have taken care of this stuff because my mind is on higher things.

I also have homework to do for my online class. And a class to teach.

I brought in some roses for my computer, since I’m here a lot. These are Falstaff roses. I was afraid that New Dawn had killed all the other roses. It is still possible that New Dawn strangled Montezuma, but Falstaff is doing okay.

I’m enjoying my class, by the way. They’re turning in their rewrite of the first essay today. So I’ll also be grading papers.

Did I mention the other websites I’m working on? And I have software to review.

I may have breakfast first. It’s not too much of a step from here to Pop-Tarts.