I have this absolute thicket of roses, all about to bloom. The question always is, which will bloom first?

I have four rose bushes under my window, or did at one time. I sometimes think that the New Dawn rose has strangled the others and taken over.

Indeed, the one that’s about to bloom — see below, the apparent front runner in the rose race — looks like a New Dawn.

I’m going to try to get some domestic stuff done this weekend, perhaps including working in the garden.

There are higher priority domestic tasks, but I was toying with the idea of buying a lawn chair, and my kids have told me very firmly that I have no business getting a lawn chair if the back yard is a jungle. Also, I need to plant some tomatoes before it’s too late.

So there may be yard work.

N40 was over yesterday, sorting out my paperwork for me. She didn’t appear to find it frightening at all.

While I didn’t get a link from the WSJ, I did get a call from a green cleaning company in the north saying he had read about me in the paper and wanted to hire me to write his blog three times a week. I got an email from a liquid transportation service needing a redesign; I’ll be sending them a contract today. I got an email and a phone call from a German chocolatier who will call again today to firm up details. I got web visitor forms from a bunch of others expressing interest, but haven’t set all of them up yet.

You can get an extra thousand visits to your site from a mention at Stumbleupon, but they’re mostly visiting for fun. So this has been quite good. I was hoping for a couple more clients, and I seem to have met and surpassed that goal.

My mother emailed me saying, “You’re all over the internet!” but I think she had never Googled me before. I’m always all over the internet.

Anyway, I spent much of the day reponding to these emails and phone calls, so I didn’t finish grading those finals. I have to do that today. I have to turn in the grades. I have to write about urban living, so I think that I’m going to need to go do some research, in the form of wandering around downtown trying out the coffee shops.