I got to the end of the week without finishing my work. RescueTime shows a mere 46 hours and change, and Fitbit shows 24,417 steps.

This is the result of all those meetings this week.

fitbit1 rescuetime1

Here’s the tally on my habits for the past two days:

  • Exercise 30 minutes a day
  • Eat three wholesome meals each day, at normal mealtimes
  • Track those meals with Fitbit.

Fortunately, I can turn around and try again.

The furnace is out and it’s in the twenties. We’re expecting snow this weekend. My husband is upset, but I’m in bed under a wool blanket with a hot pad and a space heater. I had pain d’epice and some decaffienated tea, The Gables on Netflix, and I’m almost through with the second sleeve on #2 son’s Christmas sweater.

A nice evening, really.