bedside-table   It’s Friday night of a long roller coaster of a week. Today was class followed by a long client meeting followed by a little emergency and then lunch at 3:30 p.m.

I stopped work at 5:00 anyway, though I’ll have to get back to it tomorrow.

This is the first week of the HHP, which has replaced the HGP. It is Paperwork Week, and you can see my lovely tidy nightstand at left as evidence that I’ve made some effort. You can also see my office Before pictures below as evidence that I haven’t done enough.

My weekly meeting with #1 daughter will take place tomorrow, but I intend after that to office1get the office papers sorted, in order, and dealt with.

This week on the HHP is also the week for creating our Christmas planning notebook, creating a holiday budget, and starting our gift list.

I’m thinking of spending some time this evening browsing through my Christmas planning books and my Pinterest boards, choosing projects which I realistically won’t have time to complete and recipes which will doubtless be filled with the Evil 6.

This is supposed to be fun, after all.

Last year, I made some hand-crafted gifts and I intend to do the same thing year, but I might also buy some things. My eldest son showed surprising interest in a kitchen goods store we visited while we were on vacation. office2My youngest has his first apartment. I have a gift-subscription idea for my daughters.

By making decisions now, I can have all the gift stuff settled and the money spent before Advent, and can spend that season in contemplation and joyful preparation.

Also tomorrow I must properly learn “Crown Him King of Kings,” a Hal Hopson arrangement (presumably a simplification) of a Bach piece. At choir practice this week I stood next to the girl who is hard of hearing. Her singing is fairly random, understandably. I ended up uncertain of some of the notes.

It’s a nice piece. The YouTube link above is not particularly beautiful, and our choir won’t sound any better. I want to do my part in helping it sound better rather than worse, though.

Housework must also take place. I think it has been weeks since any serious scrubbing has taken place at my house. Also grocery shopping. We have a good deal of frozen food but almost no fresh foods at all.

So the weekend is cut out for me.