Last night the choirlet sang through all the special music from Advent to Epiphany. Highly productive, though after that one of the wild women from the Elks club told us she’d drink George Clooney’s bathwater, and things sort of went downhill from there.

I was extremely relieved that the ladies didn’t want to change all the music. I had a meeting on Wednesday with Bigsax and one of the Suwandas, about the Advent and Christmas music. She pulled out the list of special music for the early service, the only thing that has actually been decided so far regarding the Christmas music, even though HELLO it’s two weeks from Advent, the list that was actually decided two months ago and has been in rehearsal all that time, and said, “Are you doing all pieces from the hymnal because of the cost, or what?”

Do I sound a little hysterical? I may have lost my temper during that meeting, actually. Not at that point, though. At that point I said gently that it wasn’t all from the hymnal, that we’d made the list two months ago and had been rehearsing the music all that time, and that of course I was open to change if the ladies wanted it, but we were short on time if she wanted to order new pieces.

We then spent thirty minutes playing through various pieces, while I thought about what a waste of time these meetings are. I feel as though I’ve been at the same meeting twenty-five times this year.

I think I remained courteous throughout this portion of the meeting. Then Bigsax laughingly confirmed that he hasn’t planned the second service music. He has a vague list of random pieces and people who might do something on Christmas Eve and who knows. Ha ha.

At this point, I was slightly late for the class I lead on Wednesdays, so I said that it was evident that we weren’t actually going to plan anything, so they didn’t need me, and they should just let me know what they wanted done.

So yesterday I emailed the pastor, saying that I felt that we had hardly accomplished anything this year with me as the leader of the music ministry team, and that I thought we’d essentially just had the same meeting over and over. I pointed out that we had tried for a year to get the church website operable and since summer to get our Christmas music planned, and that we hadn’t accomplished either of those things. I expressed my frustration over this, and suggested that someone who wouldn’t mind this method of working would be a better choice to head up the worship team.

He got right back to me, saying that he was glad I’d decided to accept the position, and he knew my leadership would make a difference.

Yes, well.

I also taught my class yesterday. We moved on from plagiarism to supporting the thesis, with plenty of examples of how to paraphrase a source and how to use direct quotes. I hope this is sinking in with the students.

Having these discussions of plagiarism caused me to be hyper-vigilant, I guess. I got an odd feeling about the current text at the website I’m writing today, and checked a section, only to find that it had been lifted without attribution from a professional journal. I’m not quite sure what to do with that information, but it just goes to show that there is indeed a plague of plagiarism sweeping the globe.

I have lots of fun work to do today, but even so, it’s definitely a TGIF kind of day. I’m seriously tired. I’m going to go to the gym before I start working or possibly take a nice long walk in the gray day, and that may help.

Coming back to say that the walk did indeed help, and so did finding that I am now on page 1 at Google for “marketing [my town]” and also for “[my town] marketing.”

Not just page 1, but #3 in the local search results (that’s the stuff with the map). This is somewhat thrilling, because I think that many of my clients wouldn’t think of looking for “web marketing” or “internet marketing,” for both of which I’ve been highly visible, but will type in “marketing.”