I have begun another Mystery Object and am perking along with the London Beanie. I am having a little yarn trouble, though. I may feel good, in general, about not having an excessive stash, but at the moment I am concerned that I will run out of yarn before completing the London Beanie. I also need yarn for the third DNA scarf and hat set. The yarn will have to come from the LYS — the local Giant Discount Craft Store does not carry any cream-colored wool and I do not have time to have any sent to me. Unfortunately, the LYS has hours which match the hours at the store I manage. Normally, I can go there on Saturdays, and that is what I had planned to do. I didn’t quite get there last Saturday, but I figured this week would be time enough — I would still have a month till Christmas. 

However, this week I will be working on Saturday. We are having an open house and food drive with music.The Fiddle Choir will be there, and the Chamber Singers, and the Mudlarks, and several local choirs and individual musicians, and there is no way I will be able to slip away to the yarn shop. It is not that I didn’t know I was going to be working, mind you. It is just that I forgot. Or didn’t think about it sufficiently. Now that I am thinking about it, it occurs to me that a little local shop might even close for Thanksgiving weekend. Or indeed that they might not have any cream-colored sport-weight wool, either, since the trendy knitter prefers chunky wools and novelty yarn.

In talking with the Empress yesterday, I had to admit that I had everything entirely under control for the holidays, so long as nothing unexpected turned up. I hope this does not fall into the category of unexpected things turning up.

On that ominous note, I will bring up the topic that has been vexing me most this week. Oh, I know I have been writing about theology and the publishing industry and Renaissance music and the dangers of blogging, but the thing that has been most constantly on my mind has been the question of what backing to put on the Thanksgiving table runner.

For a while I had the mad idea that I would make a Christmas one to put on the back, so it would be reversible. I have a very cool Thimbleberries pattern that I have been wanting to make, which involves only 15 fabrics, 9 separate and different pieced blocks, and — never mind. With one week to Thanksgiving, I have put away that idea. However, I might still want to use a Christmas fabric — this would accomplish the same thing, roughly, without all that extra work. But I also have some of the fabric I used for the dining room valance, so it would work all year round. I also scooped up some vegetable prints at a dollar a yard, and could piece something quick for that awkward Indian summer spell when fall colors look silly but it is not really summertime any more. Or I could be a sensible person and back it with a coordinating fabric and just get the fool thing done.

With any luck, I will finish the embroidery today and this evening, when I actually have no rehearsal of any kind, I can cut and sew the backing, leaving me the weekend to quilt (minimally) and bind the thing. Then the beginning of next week can be for cleaning and finishing the baking.

Oh, and contemplating the Trinity.