Today will be linkbuilding all day.

The relatives never did arrive, but I guess they still might, so after work will be housework and decorating for Thanksgiving. There are plenty of Christmas decorations up — there was a giant Christmas tree at the college — but I don’t think we should skip Thanksgiving.

Part of last month’s Amazon Vine largesse was the new book Luxury One-Skein Wonders. This is the third in the series. There aren’t that many things you can make with one skein of yarn, so of course this book has small scarves, hats, socks, mittens and gloves, baby things, washcloths, and the occasional bit of jewelry. And I guess that, if you use the yarn called for, you could feel confident that one skein would be enough to make the item.

I’m currently not feeling confident that the one Christmas gift I already started knitting will be ready in time, but even so I’ve been tempted by this book. You think, One skein? Surely I can knit that up in a weekend!

But first I have to get that sleeve placket figured out. And do some cooking and cleaning and baking for Thanksgiving.

Still, I might pull out my leftover balls of yarn and see if I have anything that would work for one of the patterns in this book… How long can it take to knit just one skein?

As for this month’s Amazon — other people were offered MP3 players, Photoshop, camcorders, and tea sets, but I was offered cat food and a label maker.