turkey day

We had a very nice Thanksgiving, and I hope you did, too.

Neither of my daughters made it here for the holiday, but both found parties to go to, so I didn’t have to worry about them sitting alone eating turkey TV dinners.

In fact, we had only six for Thanksgiving dinner, but it was a good six, so we all had an excellent time.

The boys did not agree that having only six people implied that there should be fewer pies, so we had our usual three pies. That makes — let me check my calculations — yepturkey and pie, half a pie for each person.

We still have quite a bit of pie in the refrigerator, though I am of course eating steel-cut oats for breakfast.

If it weren’t for the whole health and fitness thing, I would go with leftover pie instead.

tday appetizers

#2 daughter is singing at the mayor’s tree-lighting party tonight. We are pretty impressed by this, since we do not even know the mayor of Kansas City. It is, however, not that she will be reclining on the grand piano at the mayor’s house. Rather, it is at Crown Center, which is a big fancy mall with shops and hotels and things.

We always like to go there when we visit Kansas City, because they have a French bakery and amusing restaurants and a Franklin Covey store and a sort of clear tube you can walk through to reach Union Station, which has architectural beauty and a scientific amusement park and stuff.

She is singing “Marshmallow World.” She objects to this song on the grounds that it is stupid, and of course it is. It has lines like “The sun is red like a pumpkin head” and “marshmallow clouds getting friendly in the arms of an evergreen tree.” However, as That Man justly points out, stupid lyrics were the fashion of the time, the time being the 1950s.

There was a little renaissance of Christmas songwriting from the ’30s to the ’50s. The other big times in the history of Christmas music were the 1600s and the Victorian era, when no one would have even thought of writing something like “Marshmallow World.”

It was written by Carl Sigman, a lawyer who decided to write songs instead of practicing law, and was quite successful at it. He wrote a whole bunch of songs in the second half of the 20th century, none of which I have ever heard, as far as I know, except for “Marshmallow World.”

“Marshmallow World” is quite jazzy, and I think that #2 daughter will sound great singing it. It has been recorded by Brenda Lee and The Cheetah Girls and The London Symphony Orchestra, but I think that the best known version is that of Dean Martin.

This would be a good song for humming while you shop, if you are doing that today.

I’m not. I have the day off. Since I am working tomorrow, I ought to treat today as a Saturday, and clean house and buy groceries and work diligently on Christmas presents. However, I do not plan to. Heeding the advice of Leonidas and providing a good example for Andrew1080, I slept in till 6:00 this morning, and I fully intend to read and knit and eat leftovers for most of the day.

tree charmsHere are some Christmas tree ornaments that I made.

My boys helped me sort out the best ones for my mother’s birthday gift and the remainder will go on our tree.

They are augmented in these pictures by the reflections of the trees above them, but perhaps you can get the idea of them.ornaments '06

Well, I am off to finsh #2 son’s sweater.