Thanksgiving was very nice. My parents came over, and all the kids and an extra guy, and we ate lots of good food and had good conversation. Later, we ate leftovers and watched a marathon of Pushing Up Daisies and played games.

We hardly ever watch TV in the way that I did as a child. We used to turn on the TV because it was, for example, Sunday night and Disney’s “Wonderful World of Color” was on. The theme song went, I believe, “The world is a carousal of color, color, color” but we used to sing along, “The world is a cellar full of crayfish, crayfish, crayfish.”

I have no explanation for this.

Anyway, that’s how we watched TV: we’d turn it on to watch a program which was on at that time. The program was new, except during the summer, when reruns were shown for the benefit of people who had missed the first run. In the fall, the new episodes of the programs would begin again, and often there would be new entirely shows.

Now, we almost never do that at our house.

In the first place, most of what is on TV consists of reruns, and the times are largely unpredictable, and while we have a ridiculous number of stations available to us, we don’t always have the stations that show the programs we want to see, and we’re not home that much. Plus, you can’t replay a scene on actual TV, and there are commercials.

So we watch TV shows on the computer or on DVDs. We often watch the whole season at once.

We played Cranium and Catchphrase, boys against the girls, and the boys won all the time. The extra guy did at one point say, “Was I supposed to be drawing those pictures with my eyes closed?” The answer was yes. We had all been very impressed with his drawing skill, and I guess he must have been wondering about us.

However, they had already won at that point.

It was fun.

The boys went off rock climbing this morning at first light, and won’t be back till dark. I have to work. I don’t know whether the girls are going to work with me or go off and play with frineds, as they are still asleep. When they wake up, I’ll come back and add some pictures here.

It is either Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day, as you prefer.